Crochet Hook Classification

Based on material used to make the hook (not the handle) and the method of manufacture.

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100.         Wire needle with separate handle

   steel wire needles, handle may be any material

110.       wire needle held by brass compression fitting

G. Chambers & Co. 1847

G. Chambers & Co. 1848

John Coney 1848

brass pin handle 1865

brass collet with agate handle

brass threads with agate handle

brass collet with bone handle

brass collet with bone handle and needlecase

Stanhope in bone handle

120.       wire needle held by steel fitting


130.       other wire needle fittings

Corona 1908

Kaurkuk 1908

200.         Wire needle permanently mounted in handle

    wire needle always steel, handle may be any material

210.      cone mount

cone mount with brass handle and R finial

cone mount with porcupine quill

220.      sliders – short needle with flat stamped brass or steel handle

double slider

flower on finial slider

M & Y lighthouse slider

quad needle slider

Queen Victoria golden jubilee slider

scalloped finial slider

swirl finial slider

twin needle slider

vine and flower finial slider

Avery 606

WDS cross slider – brass or steel handle

WH & Co slider

Z. S. & S. hand slider

230.     long needle permanently mounted in flat brass or steel handle

Climax 1879

The School

vine and flower

240.      needle with wire handle

241. coiled wire handle

single hook with steel coiled handle

double ended hook with steel coiled handle and brass sheath

double ended hook with steel coiled handle and painted sheath

single hook with brass coiled handle and glass paperweight knob

single hook with brass coiled handle, glass paperweight knob and brass collar

single hook with steel coiled handle and glass paperweight knob

single hook with steel coil over twisted handle

242. open wire handle

Z Shrimpton Duplex Crochet Needle and Holder 1866

Burgess duplex with curved handle 1868

Z Shrimpton twisted wire handle 1871

                       Crescent No. 28

Crescent No. 29

Crescent No. 31

Crescent No. 33 twisted wire handle

Crescent No. 37 pivoting needle

double ended with fine twisted diamond

fine twisted wire handle

short needle with wire handle

slider with wire handle

wavy handle

250.      long needle with tube handle and brass mount

tube handle with brass cap

tube handle with flat brass end

tube handle with brass ball end

260.      triplex (three needles with saber sheath)

Avery 603

blue triplex

green triplex with round sheath

sterling silver triplex

Triplex by Abel Morrall

triplex Germany

270.        long needles with steel handles

280.      other soft metal mounts – brass, pewter

290.      needles  steel, self mount, or glued


steel wire needle with bone handle by Abel Morrall

steel wire needle with cork handle by Abel Morrall

Crescent steel wire needle with bone handle


Penelope Uncotopic

300.         Cast steel hook mounted in handle

    handles may be of any material

310.          decorative handles including ladies necessities

ladies necessity with bone and paste handles

320.         cast steel hooks with comfort and safety handles

Ross patent 1879

Hero Hand-L-Hook

Tregellas with turned aluminum handle

Shrimpton’s “Eclipse”

330.     double ended hooks

Sun No. 3 with bone middle

double ended hook with bone middle

390.          cast steel hooks with separate handle, usually  sets

391.            Ladies necessities

392.            cast steel — matching hooks of graduated sizes

400.        Cast steel, one-piece hook

410.            rod no grip

Henry English one piece steel 1860

Morrall’s steel rod blued

Sun/Sunlight Yarn Company

420.           rod with grip other than flat grip

Asbro twin pad

Cross Fox Brand twin pad

Easy Holding by Abel Morrall


Milward No. 420 with square grip

Morrall’s Slip Not

Nun’s Handy Hook


Woodfield long grip

430.            4 1/2″ – 5″ rod with flat grip (patent US 572809)

photo index of 5″ crochet hook names on grips

only selected hooks with special features listed below

Clive, Faudelite and Vicars with X and bar on handle

Crowley’s Thyra

Eagle Patent Crochet Needle


Susan Bates Clipson metal clip

Susan Bates Clipson plastic clip

440.            3 1/2″ – 4 3/8″ rod with flat grip – safety hook

photo index of 3 1/2″ – 4 1/2″ crochet hook names on grips

450.            6″ rod with flat grip


Clark’s ONT afghans & rugs

500.        Ivory

510.           Eskimo style

walrus ivory, mammoth ivory

520.            European/Asian style

elephant ivory

Other European/Asian ivory hooks

600.        Carved Bone

700.         Lathe Turned Bone

all of the simpler, massed produced hooks

               simple bone hooks identified to distributor by finial shape

Abel Morrall bone crochet hooks


                       C J Bates bone


Crescent lathe turned bone plain

Crescent lathe turned bone with simple patterns

                       GEM bone

Lacis bone with round end


                       Susan Bates bone

ladies necessity with bone crochet hook

800.         Plastics

810.            celluloid

Abel Morrall celluloid


Sun/Sunlight Yarn Company

unknown manufacturers

820.            cellulose acetate

 Boye cellulose acetate

830.            casein

Erinoid by Abel Morrall


840.            modern proprietary plastics

Boye Balene

Addi Champanger

Handy Hook

Magic Knitting Kneedle and EZEE Crochet Hook

Red Heart Crystalites

Red Heart Starters

Susan Bates Crystal Ice

Susan Bates Crystalites

Susan Bates Luxite

Susan Bates Smartglo

The Crochet Lite

900.         Aluminum


aluminum by Abel Morrall

Addi Swing

Amo Silver by Abel Morrall

Clover gold anodized aluminum

Clover Soft Touch

                       GEM aluminum



Susan Bates Quicksilver

Susan Bates Silvalume

1000.       Plain Wood

Most made before 1970.


Crescent wooden crochet hooks

                       GEM wood

Susan Bates Tonewood

1100.       Studio Wood

Most made after 1970. Exotic woods often used.

Dungan and Dalton

Grafton Fibers

Graydog Woodenware

Turn of the Century, Bill Schmidt

1200.       Brass/Copper/Bronze

Includes all Addi Turbo hooks which are brass, also some INOX

Addi Comfort Grip

Celtic Swan Forge

1300.       Bamboo

Most made after 2000

bamboo by Abel Morrall

Susan Bates bamboo

Takumi Bamboo

2000.      Other materials

2010.        other metals – sterling silver, pewter

Pater-Bennett pewter

2020.        horn

piqué posé work in horn

2030.        mother of pearl

Lacis abalone

2040.        glass


2050.        tortoise shell (?)

2060.        vulcanite/rubber

vulcanite by Abel Morrall


Crescent vulcanite crochet hooks

Specialty Crochet

3000.      Tunisian/Afghan hooks

3100.         one hook

3110.            bone

Crescent long bone crochet hooks

3120.            ivory

3130.            steel

Boye 9″

Flora Blanket Needle

3140.           plastics

3150.           aluminum

3160.           wood

Abel Morrall wood tricot hook

3200.        two hooks

includes Cro-Hook


3210.          bone

3220.          plastics

3230.         aluminum

4000.      Pjoning/Patning/Shepherd’s Knitting

broad, flat handles sometimes hand made from spoon handles, flat metal

 ivory with 1″ gauge

Shepherd’s Knitting Hook from Rogers spoon

Shepherd’s Knitting Hook from spoon

cedar by Pam Moller

bone snake by Kate Lebherz-Gelinas

5000.      Rug Crochet Hooks

for crocheting fabric strips into rugs

Denner Art Rug Needle

Neuschwanger Art Needle

 Standart  US patent 3,229,484  Jan. 18, 1966

6000.      crochet hook with needle eye (locker hook, Cro-Knitting, Knooking)


A. Shrimpton rug hook

Amazing Needle

bone hook with eye

Knitter’s Crochet Hook


Nihon Vogue Miracle Super-Needle

Crochet Accessories

10000.        Hairpin Lace Frames


11000.         Thread Holders


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