Clive by Abel Morrall


Also Faudelite and Vicars

Material: nickel plated steel

Manufacturer: Abel Morrall, Ltd., Redditch, England.

Length: 5″

Sizes: have found hooks stamped with English, American and English+French

Grip usually had size stamped on front, nothing on back. Neither the brand name Clive nor the company name Morrall was stamped on the hook. It is identified by the X and bar pattern on the handle which is replicated on the front and back of the handle. The same hook was sometimes branded with haberdashers’ labels – see below.

American sizing

English plus French sizing



Wholesale Price List p. 14, Abel Morrall’s, Ltd. about 1915

There is a mistake on page 14. Clive is the crochet hook with the Xs on the handle, Easy Holding is the one with two pads.


Wholesale Price List p. 15, Abel Morrall’s, Ltd. about 1915


Faudelite crochet hook

This has the same handle as the Clive but the front of the grip has Faudelite instead of the size as on the Clive and the size for the Faudelite has moved to the back. Faudels, 36 and 40 Newgate Street, London,  was a haberdashery supplier. English sizing as Faudels was an English company.


Vicars crochet hook

Like Faudels, Vicars was another haberdashery supplier and was located at 104 Newgate Street, London. They also had the Clive branded with their name. The front has English sizing on the grip and the X and bar has been replaced with VICARS on the handle. The back of the handle has the X and bar design.