Addi Comfort Grip

Material: chrome? plated brass hook, color coded plastic handle – front part turnable for the right position

Manufacturer: Gustav Selter GmbH & Co. KG, Altena, Germany

US Distributor: Skacel Collection, Inc., Kent, Washington

Addi Turbo used in conjunction with Addi crochet hooks in the US.

Addi Turbo Trademark: first used 1986

Length: 15 cm (about 6″)

Price 1997: suggested retail $4.95

Price 2012: $6.95 (2012)


Sizes 1997: A-0, B-1, C-2, D-3, E-4, F-5, G-6-7, H-8, J-10

Sizes 2012: US A (2.00mm), B (2.50mm), C (3.00mm), D (3.25mm), E (3.50mm), 3.75mm, F (4.00mm), G (4.50mm), H (5.00mm) and I (5.50mm)


Color coded handles

A   blue

B   yellow

C   orange

D   red

E   pink

3.75 mm   turquoise

F   green

G   beige

H   brown

I   light blue

J   violet