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Thread Around Holes Exhibit


Thread Around Holes

I have three Romanian Lace Necklaces in the current Threads Around Holes at the Lace Museum. Join me and the other lace artists at the Celebration Party on September 11, details above.

Barn Quilts in McLean County, Illinois

Louise and Larry Reeser, friends of mine in McLean County, Illinois, just installed their new barn quilt this week and Louise sent me this photo.

Reesers barn quilt 800px

Here’s what Louise told me about their choices for their quilt.

The pattern is “hands all around.”  We need all hands to work on the farm.
Orange for “Case” tractors
Blue & Orange for Illini
Dove in center for “peace”.
Someone has written a poem about us and the quilt, but we will not hear it until the kickoff ceremonies next weekend.

The barn quilt (8′ x 8′ painted on wood) is part of the McLean County Barn Quilt Heritage Trail. You can get information and a map here The Reesers’ quilt and 19 other new ones added this year are not listed yet but should be soon. If you want to drive by the address is 16838 E. 775 North Road, Heyworth, IL 61745.



One of my all time favorite textile stores is Lacis in Berkeley, California, and with friends coming to town for Stitches this weekend we had to do a road trip! My favorite part of the store use to be the book section. There is a huge selection of books on any and every aspect of textiles, both new and used. I could spend hours just looking through the books. Then there is the new and used (antique) tools section. They carry tools( and supplies) for every type of needlework you could imagine. And crocheters don’t need to slink in, the crochet hook section is just as large as the knitting needle section. But be forewarned, Lacis does not carry any yarn. They have a wide range of thread for lace making but no yarn. Another section of the store is devoted to vintage fashion and bridal dresses and accessories. Need a corset pattern or a class on corset making? This is the place to come. Lacis has an online catalog, too.

A few years ago the owners of Lacis established the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles and now the museum rivals the store for my attention. The current exhibit is Knitted Lace from Estonia. Most of the pieces on display are delicate shawls that feature the nupp, a small knot of yarn that can’t be made by machine ensuring the pieces are hand made. We also got a sneek peek at the new exhibit space on the second floor that will open in March with an exhibit of Asuit Cloth. Soon to be twice as much wonderful stuff to look at!


Irish Crochet Bedspread at the Lace Museum

Irish crochet bedspread, 58″ x 83″, cotton, maker unknown, date unknown, accession number TLM 1994.0433.146

A few days ago I went over to the Lace Museum to photograph an Irish Crochet Bedspread in the collection. The bedspread was being put on display as part of the Knit 1, Chain 1 exhibit featuring some truly impressive pieces of knit and crochet lace.

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The bedspread uses larger thread than is typical for Irish Crochet and this large thread Irish Crochet also goes by the name of Course Crochet or Gros Crochet. Although there is no provenance for the bedspread, I would guess that it was made circa 1890 possibly in France. In addition, the knit tablecloth that I blogged about and my Irish Crochet doll dress (in slide show) are in the exhibit too. The exhibit runs through June 23, 2012. You won’t want to miss this exhibit if you are near San Jose, California.

The Lace Museum

Posted by July 12, 2011


knitted tablecloth, approx. 6 foot diameter, cotton, by Cherie Helm, USA late 1900s


The Lace Museum is one of those hidden gems that you count yourself lucky to stumble upon. I feel especially fortunate as it is located in the same city that I live in and I have gotten to know many of the people associated with the museum. The museum is small but packed full of unbelievably beautiful lace, laces that required hundreds to thousands of hours to make. Most of the laces are handmade with bobbin lace, needle lace, knitted, crocheted, and tatted laces all having small permanent displays. Rotating shows are changed 3 or 4 times a year assembled from the best of the museum archives. If you have a special type of lace that you are interested in, you can call for an appointment to view laces in the archives. The museum also offers classes.


FanimeCon 2011

Posted by June 9, 2011

I’ve been interested in costuming for a long time. I did most of my speech credits in college sewing costumes for the theater department, did some costumes for my daughters’ ballet recitals over the years, taught at costuming conventions and crocheted themed garments for fashion shows.

Fast forward 30 years. Two of my children have been attending FanimeCon for a few years now. FamineCon is a convention centered around Japanese anime although it also includes mangas, videos, video games like the ones on, movies, TV programs, comic books, etc. One of the main events is the Cosplay Gatherings. Cosplay Gatherings are convention attendees dressed up in costumes of their favorite characters from specific books, games or movies specifically for a group photo shoot. This year my son and I volunteered to be Cosplay Gatherings staff photographers. I was specifically interested in getting some photos of Steam Punk costumes and Steam Punk was the theme for the convention this year.

These costumes aren’t your typical Halloween costumes. Although most are made by amateurs, the quality and attention to detail is amazing. Costumes are generally custom made by the cosplayer for him or herself. Many of the cosplayers make one new costume a year. Some have been at it for several years and you see the same person in a different fabulous costume each day.

You can view my Fanime photos on my photography website Nancy Nehring Photography. In the left sidebar under Galleries you’ll see a page for FanimeCon 2011. Click on it to see my Famine photos. FanimeCon requested that I post all of the photos that I took. That’s a lot of images to go through unless you have a specific interest in cosplaying. For just a brief taste look at the folder Favorites(under FanimeCon 2011) which shows a sampling of my favorite images.