March is National Crochet Month

Posted by – March 2, 2013

Some of my favorite crochet hooks top to bottom – abalone shell, glass, piqué posé work in horn, porcupine quill handle, brass filigree with aquamarines, forged brass, bone with needlecase and Stanhope


I’m teaming up with Crochetville’s A Tour through Crochet Country to celebrate National Crochet Month. Each day this month the tour will feature the blog or website of one or two designers from the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). On her day, each designer will create a post specifically for A Tour Through Crochet Country. Details and the list of designers are here. I’m following along each morning with a cup of tea, join me!

Today is my day and I’d like to introduce you to a resource that I’m developing – the Crochet Hook Classification. It’s a catalog of crochet hooks, manufacturers and supporting documents such as ads and patents. It will help you answer all of those questions about our favorite needlework tool like – How Old Is It?, What Is It Made Out Of?, or Who Made It?. It’s a work in progress so some sections aren’t complete yet but I’m constantly adding more material so check back.

Also, if you would like a little information on my background and a little inspiration, you can read my 2005 CGOA keynote address Past, Meet Nancy Nehring here.

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