One of my all time favorite textile stores is Lacis in Berkeley, California, and with friends coming to town for Stitches this weekend we had to do a road trip! My favorite part of the store use to be the book section. There is a huge selection of books on any and every aspect of textiles, both new and used. I could spend hours just looking through the books. Then there is the new and used (antique) tools section. They carry tools( and supplies) for every type of needlework you could imagine. And crocheters don’t need to slink in, the crochet hook section is just as large as the knitting needle section. But be forewarned, Lacis does not carry any yarn. They have a wide range of thread for lace making but no yarn. Another section of the store is devoted to vintage fashion and bridal dresses and accessories. Need a corset pattern or a class on corset making? This is the place to come. Lacis has an online catalog, too.

A few years ago the owners of Lacis established the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles¬†and now the museum rivals the store for my attention. The current exhibit is Knitted Lace from Estonia. Most of the pieces on display are delicate shawls that feature the nupp, a small knot of yarn that can’t be made by machine ensuring the pieces are hand made. We also got a sneek peek at the new exhibit space on the second floor that will open in March with an exhibit of Asuit Cloth. Soon to be twice as much wonderful stuff to look at!