IOLI Classes Aug 3-8, 2014

I’ll be teaching three classes at the IOLI (International Organization of Lace, Inc.) national convention in Sacramento, CA on Aug. 4-8, 2014.

Romanian Point Lace Necklace

Irish Crochet

Lace Buttons


Romanian Point Lace Floral Necklace ecru 800px Romanian Point Lace Floral Necklace colors 800px.

This Romanian Point Lace Floral Necklace is a new class that I am introducing. It is based on Romanian Point Lace technique with crocheted cord and needlelace fillings. I’ve taken some liberties with this piece in that it is worked in layers and is not reversible like traditional Romanian Point Lace.

Irish crochet butterfly with book

I will also be teaching this 9″ Irish Crochet Butterfly based on a piece in the collection of The Lace Museum, Sunnyvale, CA. If desired, you can also improve your skills at working Irish Crochet from 1990 era patterns.

IOLI buttons 600px

And for the 6 hour session, I will teach how to make the four buttons pictured above.