Make-up Bag

Posted by – May 3, 2011








Coats and Clark just released the pattern for this Granny Rectangle Make-up Bag that I designed. They advertise it as a make-up bag which is a perfectly good use for it but I use this bag to store all of the bits and pieces for my iPhone like earbuds, charger and USB cable. I can just pop it in my purse or suitcase as needed.

All of you crocheters have probably made a Granny Square but you can make a Granny Rectangle also. Here’s a crochet symbol chart to show you how to get started.
















By starting with a chain and then slip stitching back along the chain through the bottom loop, you get a much firmer start and you have two vertical loops to work through all around for the next round. Then you continue adding rounds as you would for a Granny Square.

You can get a free download of the Make-up Bag LC2429 pattern from Coats and Clark at