Koltzow Needlelace Patterns

Koltzow Commercial Needlelace Designs/Patterns

These needlelace designs were created by Lully Koltzow while in Norway. They were drawn on blueprint paper, a heavily coated fabric-based paper, with India ink. Each pattern has a catalog number and price in Kroner. The patterns were sold in a store in Norway. The blueprint paper is stiff enough so that heavier outline threads could be couched directly onto the paper and smooth enough (slightly slick) so that the filling stitches could be worked easily. Click on any thumbnail and the full size pattern will open in a separate window for downloading. These are large files and may take a long time to download.

The patterns have been passed down from Lully Koltzow to her great niece, Gracie Larsen. Gracie is a fine needlewoman herself. She taught needlelace and other textile arts for many years in the South San Francisco Bay area. She is a founding member of both the Lacy Knitters and The Lace Museum. Gracie was also instrumental in introducing me to Mary Schiffmann which resulted in the book The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann, 1998 Interweave Press (out of print).

Gracie wants to share these patterns with others but doesn’t have her own website so I am working with Gracie and with her permission to post these patterns for all to enjoy. Patterns are for individual use only and may not be reprinted or distributed in bulk or for commercial use without permission. Gracie and I would be pleased to hear any comments about the patterns and how you use them. I’ll make sure Gracie sees the comments.

Click on a thumbnail below to open the full size pattern in another window. Download from there.


Lully Koltzow pattern 1


Lully Koltzow pattern 2


Lully Koltzow pattern 4


Lully Koltzow pattern 9


Lully Koltzow pattern 10


Koltzow 13 600px


Koltzow 20 600px


Koltzow 23 600px


Lully Koltzow pattern 26


Lully Koltzow pattern 28


Koltzow 30 600px


Koltzow 31 600px


Lully Koltzow pattern A


Lully Koltzow pattern B


Lully Koltzow pattern C


Lully Koltzow pattern D


Lully Koltzow pattern E


Lully Koltzow pattern F


Lully Koltzow pattern G


Lully Koltzow pattern H