Diamond, Diamond De Lux, De Lux and De Luxe


Material: nickel plated steel, some hooks with gold tips

Manufacturer: Peerless Novelty Company, Grand Haven, Michigan, USA

Design Patent: 1919 US D52973


Length: 5″


Diamond grip back and open diamond on front of grip with size in open diamond

Diamond grip back

open Diamond on front of grip with US size inside diamond

The handle for the above style may have no markings on it or may have DIAMOND or DIAMOND DE LUX stamped on it. My hook with DIAMOND DE LUX on the handle has a gold tip (hook).



De Lux in script

US size and De Lux in script on front of grip, MADE IN U.S.A. on back of grip, no marking on handle. Some of these hooks have gold tips and some don’t.




De Luxe in caps and small caps

front De Luxe with US size below, back with diamond grip, no gold tips on the ones I have



MADE # IN USA on front of grip, no marks on back of grip, gold tip. I place this with the Diamond hooks because of the gold tip.

gold tip



wholesale box