Justrite Manufacturing Company


Chicago, Illinois

Justrite Manufacturing Company was established in 1906. The company’s main business has always been industrial safety equipment but it also had a line of needlework tools including crochet hooks, knitting pins and tatting shuttles. Augie L. Hansen was an inventor for the company and held US patent 1,215,525 (1917) for a tatting shuttle and US patent 1,304,541 (1920) for a thread guide. He also held patents for various safety equipment such as acetylene and electric lamps for miners. All were assigned to the Justrite Manufacturing Company.

The company probably discontinued the needlework tool line during World War II as was common for companies in order to scale up production of items necessary for the war and to make more raw materials available for the war effort. Production of the needlework line may never have resumed after the war (need more information/references here).

The Justrite Manufacturing Company is still in business manufacturing safety equipment in the Chicago area.