Z. Shrimpton and Sons


Zaccheus Shrimpton & Sons (Zaccheus Shrimpton and his son John William Shrimpton)

Address 1869: Unicorn Works, Evesham Street, Redditch, England


1823 – Zaccheus Shrimpton born in Redditch.

1851 – commercial traveller/needle manufacturer. Address listed as Globe Hotel, Fore Street, Great Torrington, Devon.

1858 – indentured jointly with John Shrimpton under the firm John and Zaccheus Shrimpton. Possibly a loan as John and Zaccheus pledged all of their joint and personal property. This John was not his 8 year old son John William but may have been John Shrimpton of Thomas Shrimpton and Son, 47 Evesham St. Thomas was the father and John the son. John and Zaccheus were probably related, perhaps third cousins. Thomas Shrimpton and Son made needles and toys but no mention of crochet hooks.

1861 – needlemaker on Queen St., Redditch

1865 – moved to Unicorn Works, 42 Evesham St., Redditch. Probably both factory and residence in a three story brick building. Also known as The Laurels.

1871 – employed 36 people. Wife Ann James, 45 years old, 7 children and 1 servant in residence.

1872-1877 – crochet hook patents in the names of Zaccheus Shrimpton and John William Shrimpton, his son.

1881 – employed 3 people. Wife Mary Nash Wright, 1 son and 1 servant in residence.

1891 – boarding in Bath (for health reasons?, his wife still lived at 42 Evesham St.)

1902 – business closed on his death.


John William Shrimpton (1850-1897)

1891 – 42 Worcester St., Redditch with his wife Annie Kezia Allcock (daughter of Samuel, fishing hook and tackle manufacturer, and Jane Allcock), two children and a servant.

1897 – John William Shrimpton died.


John William Shrimpton’s parents: Zaccheus Shrimpton (1823-1902) and Ann James. Redditch.

Zaccheus Shrimpton’s parents: James Shrimpton (1793-1848) and Matilda Hinton (1798?-1838). Moved to Redditch from Long Crendon.

James Shrimpton’s parents: Philip Shimpton (1763-1826) and Eleanor Nelly Walker (1767-1828). Long Crendon.

Philip Shrimpton’s parents: James Shrimpton (1738-1795) and Mary Stevens (1739-1823). Long Crendon.