H. Walker


Address 1848, 1871: Queen’s Works, Alcester, England

Showroom: Gresham Street, London

Brands: Queen’s Own, Penelope, Penelope Uncotopic


1876   Henry Walker dies

about 1877   business sold to Bartleet and Sons


Sheila Williams in History of Knitting Pin Gauges

His death was in 1876. Business was inherited by his daughter and sold to Bartleet and Sons.

references Assignment of the Goodwill and Business of Henry Walker, 27th November 1877.


Very early ad for crochet hook in Hamlin, Mdlle. Rigolette de la, 1848 Dec 5, The Magazine of Knitting, Netting, Crochet, and Fancywork, Sherwood and Co., London, p. 61


Ad referencing acquisition of H. Walker by W. Bartleet & Sons from Post Office London Trades Directory, 1891 in Grace’s British Industrial History