Material: nickel plated steel

Distributor: Bucilla, New York, New York

Bucilla, originally Bernhard Ulmann Company, New York, New York, produced yarn, supplies, kits and instruction books for knitting, needlepoint and embroidery.

Bucilla Trademark: 1913 US 93,782 Bucilla. Bucilla trademark

Featherlite Trademark: 1940-Sep-03 US 380,890 Featherlite. Claims in use since 1939-Jun-21.

Bucilla Germany

Length: 5″

Size: US  3

GERMANY stamped on handle

Bucilla Czechoslovakia

Length: 5″

Size: US   11

handle stamped CZECHOSLOVAKIA

probably manufactured by Waldes Koh-i-noor

Bucilla Featherlite

Length: 5″

Sizes: US  2