D. F. Tayler and Co.


From Grace’s Guide British Industrial History

D. F. Tayler and Co. of New Hall Works, Birmingham (1947)

1787 Company founded.

1880 Machine for making 200,000 pins per day. By 1900 they had 60 of these machines making 12 million pins per day.  Listed of George Street.

1886 Public company. The company was registered on 23 March, to take over the business of pin and hair-pin manufacturers, metal rollers, wire drawers, and printers of the firms of D. F. Tayler and Co and Edelsten and Williams.

1904 Another business was acquired.

1914 Pin, metal and wire manufacturers, printers. Specialities: pins, hair pins, safety pins, hooks and eyes, fasteners and novelties of all kinds in pins.

1947 British Industries Fair Advert in Association with Newey Brothers as Manufacturers of Pins of all kinds including: Domestic, Entomological; Perforating; Brush; Laundry; London Brand; Knitting; etc.; Needles; Crochet Hooks; Safety Pins; Gramophone needles; General Metal Smallwares. (Fancy Goods Section)

1949 Associated with Newey Brothers

1961 Manufacturers of non-ferrous strip, brass and steel wire, pins and needles.