Tubbs, Lewis and Co.


From London Gazette, Feb. 25, 1862


From Grace’s Guide British Industrial History

Tubbs, Lewis and Co. of 29/30 Noble Street, London, EC2. Factories at Wotton-under-Edge, Charfield, Gloucs. Telephone: City 0022-3. Cables: “Elastics, London”. (1929)

  • 1854 Company founded.
  • 1919 Private company.
  • 1922 British Industries Fair Advert as Manufacturers of “Porcupine” Brand Hair Pins. Also for Bone and Wood Knitting Pins and Crochet Hooks. Elastic Fabrics; Elastic Cords; Elastic Braids; Elastic Suspender Webs; Elastic Loom Webs; Elastic Garter Webs. Sandow Developers; Fishing Lines.
  • 1929 British Industries Fair Advert for Elastics and Elasticated items. Manufacturers of “Justice” Elastics for all purposes. “Ascot” Ladies’ Hose Supporters and Garters. “Pheltose” Sanitary Belt. “Goodwood” Man’s Carters. “Porcupine” Pins and Hairpins. “Durex” Knitting Pins and Crochet Hooks. Fishing Lines.
  • 1961 Manufacturers of elastic webs, braids and cords, hair pins and knitting needles.


1922 British Industries Fair Advertisement ccviii; and p. 79