G. Chambers & Co.


George Chambers and Co.

1847   Priory Mills, Studley, England

1851   Priory Mills, Studley and Gresham Street

1854   Priory Mills, Studley and 14A Gresham Street, City

1858   The Bankers’ Magazine, Volume 18, p 769

1858   Sept. 3   Suspension of business of George Chambers and Co., London, pin and needle manufacturers

1858   Sept 13    Stoppage of business of George Chambers and Co., pin and needle manufacturers. Liabilities estimated at between 40,000 and 50,000 pounds.

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From Williams, Sheila, The History of Knitting Pin Gauges

“George’s death in 1865. The following year his estate came under the administation of creditors and the company name disappeared from local directories shortly afterwards.”


As listed in Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878, Official Catalog of the British Section, Part 1 (second edition), Offices of the Royal Commission, London, England. R. Turner, Old Factory, Redditch continued to make and sell needles (may not have included crochet needles) under the G. Chambers name until at least until Chicago Exhibition of 1893.