Olney Amsden & Sons, Ltd. and Crescent Manufacturing Company


Crescent Manufacturing Company: Walton Works, Mount Pleasant, England

Olney, Amsden, & Sons: 33 Fan Street and 9, 10, 11 Falcon Street, London.


1888   first mention of Crescent Manufacturing Company in Reddtich Directory


Selected records from The National Archives, Warwickshire County Record Office, Records of Needle Industries and Associated Companies

Agreement.  CR 3097/143  1926     Olney Amsden & Sons Ltd, London, to Henry Milward & Sons Ltd, Redditch, relating to the sale of the purchasing company called the Crescent Manufacturing Company and plant machinery in Redditch. Consideration £2600. 25 Jun 1926.


Crescent Manufacturing Company was a manufactory solely owned by Olney, Amsden & Sons was a wholesale haberdashers based in London.