Henry Milward and Sons


about 1850   Washford Mills, Ipsley Street, Redditch, England

1952   moved to Arrow Works, Studley, England


Milward continued to use many of the original company names, trademarks and brands after other companies were acquired.

?          Milward acquires W. Avery, Kirby Beard

1902   Milward acquires W. Bartleet and Sons

1912   John James and Sons merged into Milward

1926   Milward purchases Crescent Manufacturing Company

1929 purchased Kirby, Beard & Co.

1930   Milward’s and William Hall’s merged under Amalgamated Needles and Fish Hooks Limited

1932   a separate manufacturing organisation called The English Needle and Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd (ENTACO) was formed by Amalgamated Needles and Fish Hooks Limited

1973   Needle Industries purchased by Coats Patons Ltd, now known as Coats PLC

1990s  Coats sold Needle Industries to its management. Coats retained the Milwards brand name for its own use.

Needle Industies India continued to use Milward brand.


As listed in Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878, Official Catalog of the British Section, Part 1 (second edition), Offices of the Royal Commission, London, England


Selected records from The National Archives, Warwickshire County Record Office, Records of Needle Industries and Associated Companies

Lease for fourteen years.  CR 3097/119  1871     Henry Milward of Redditch, needle manufacturer, to John Frederick Milward and Victor Milward of the same, of manufactory and premises situated in Redditch, upon trust for the partnership of H.Milward & Sons. Yearly rent of £248. 6. 8. 14 Mar 1871.

Agreement to acquire the business of needle and fish hook manufacture.  CR 3097/177  1889     John Frederic, Victor and Charles Frederic Milward of Washford Mills to Henry Milward & Sons Ltd. 18 Dec 1889.

Conveyance.  CR 3097/121  1878     The Rev. Henry Charles Milward of Nechells, Aston juxta Birmingham, and the Rev. Thomas Eagle Chataway of Peckleton, Leics, both clerks in the holy orders (trustees of the will of Henry Milward), to John Frederic Milward and Victor Milward of Redditch, Worcs, needle manufacturers and co-partners, of the Freehold mill and premises called Washford Mill, Studley. (plan enclosed). Consideration £3500. 30 Dec 1878.
Price list catalogue for Henry Milward & Sons Ltd.  CR 3097/201  1892     Includes references to bodkins, crochet hooks, knitting pins and needles of various kinds. Examples of needle packaging glued into catalogue.
Agreement.  CR 3097/143  1926     Olney Amsden & Sons Ltd, London, to Henry Milward & Sons Ltd, Redditch, relating to the sale of the purchasing company called the Crescent Manufacturing Company and plant machinery in Redditch. Consideration £2600. 25 Jun 1926.
Agreement to sale and purchase of issued share capital: The Directors of Henry Milward & Sons to Amalgamated Needles and Fish Hooks Ltd. 18 March 1930.  CR 3097/146  1930
Folder of samples of Milward’s needles and crochet hooks detailing selling points.  CR 3097/370  1930s?
Product catalogue for the Milward range.  CR 3097/205  1974     Includes needles, knitting pins, crochet hooks etc from Henry Milward & Sons Ltd (Needles Industries Ltd.)
From ENTACO website
In 1930 two of the great needlemaker giants, Milward and Hall, joined forces under a single holding company, Amalgamated Needles and Fish Hooks Limited, who formed in 1932 a separate manufacturing organisation THE ENGLISH NEEDLE AND FISHING TACKLE COMPANY – ENTACO
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In 1973 the entire share capital was purchased by Coats Patons Ltd, now known as Coats PLC. Needle Industries continued until the 1990s when Coats sold it to its management. Coats retained the Milwards brand name for its own use.